What this blog is about:
I am passionate about science fiction, and fantasy. Anything that is off the wall, and pure creativity. There is nothing like being swept away to new lands, in search of adventure. I aim to change perspective, and dig deep into issues that plague humanity. Simply put I aim to bring the images in my mind to reality. This blog will contain stories that are impressive, and outstanding examples of a particular quality; prodigies. Go bold or go home right?

The other thing that I want to accomplish with this blog is to share my frustrations as a writer, as well as my progress, and the joys that I experience. So in addition to my creative works, I will have posts that walk through my journey in discovering adventures that came to exist through my imagination. Basically this is a blog for my words of regurgitation; A.K.A. creative writing, but mainly I want to explore, and develop my love for writing fiction stories. So leave feedback, and tell me what you really think. I can take it, and then I can use it.

My first blog project that I am working on is retellings of a couple different Grimm Fairytales. I feel like these retellings will be a good start to my blog, and will set a sturdy foundation that will allow me to push off into my more original ideas. I am excited to have finally set down some permanent roots regarding my dreams, and I hope you enjoy the ride.

How I got here:
For most of my life I have been passionate about writing, and my main dream has been to publish a novel. That statement may sound straight forward, but as humans that have no choice but to live on this wonderful earth may know; life (and yourself) sometimes gets in the way of who you truly are. The last couple years have in no way been a disappointment, but somewhere in the middle of getting married, and having a kid I felt like some of myself had been lost. I no longer knew what I wanted for my own future, or had goals that I wanted to achieve. This realization has been behind most of the decisions I have made in the past couple months. I have been getting in touch with my true dreams, and goals. Really thinking of what I wanted in life brought on nostalgic feelings from when I would sit in the grass, with the sun beating down on my disheveled dirty blonde hair writing about whatever came to mind. I had such passion. My very core would tighten and expand until all of me was spewed onto blue lined notebook paper. So here I am. Hair still dirty blonde, but not quite as disheveled, writing on an iPad instead of a notebook, facing my vision head on, and I’m loving every minute of it.


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