The Mechanical Dragon


CRASH! The mechanical dragon placed one enormous foot into a building. The once grocery store was reduced to a pile of rubble. People screamed. The city of Jimopolous was under attack, and everyone was running for their lives. Everyone except Jim. Jim was running for his fighter jet. As Jim ran he kept an eye on the dragon as it puffed steam out of it’s rusted nostrils, and as it’s joints clanked with every movement the dragon made. Suddenly it threw it’s head back, and a terrible sound was released. With the force of a rocket ship it discharged a blaze of fire that destroyed everything in it’s path. Jim started up his jet, and rose into the sky just as a wave of fire enveloped the ground his plane had just been resting. Jim immediately started to fire the missiles that were attached to his aircraft. They hit the metal armor that made up the mechanical dragon with an explosion that made the dragon teeter, but it regained footing, and with one decisive motion it flung it’s massive claws towards the jet. Jim’s eyes widened, but he was trained to act under pressure, he maneuvered the jet on it’s side steering clear of the dragon’s claws, but then the dragon took it’s other arm and propelled it toward the jet. Jim…

“Jimmy! It’s time for dinner. Please, go wash your hands!” Jimmy’s mom’s voice cut through his thoughts like ice water. He dropped his toy dragon on the ground of his room with a frown. “Can I bring my fighter jet to the table with me?” He yelled back to his mother. “Sure, why not?” she replied with amusement in her voice.
“Sweet!” he said to himself with renewed excitement. Then to his toys that were scatted all over his ground in disarray he whispered, “Don’t worry, we will be back to save Jimopolous after dinner.” He then scampered off to wash his hands, with Fighter Pilot Jim clutched tightly in one fist.


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